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Four Cheeses for a Hallelujah

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About Gustavo Gusto

That frozen pizza doesn't have to taste like frozen pizza is the mission statement of the founders of Gustavo Gusto Pizza. Instead of artificial flavorings and industrial cheese, they produce their handmade frozen pizza with a real Italian restaurant feel. With 10 years of restaurant experience in several restaurants and their own wood-fired oven, they bring all the necessary ingredients for a delicious pizza. The result is a 30 cm pizza with paper-thin dough, regional as well as sustainable ingredients, which is baked at 400 degrees in a stone oven.

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Gustavo Gusto Pizza

The Campaign

In a unique combination, Gustavo Gusto brings together a four-cheese pizza with cult characters Bud Spencer and Terence Hill and a novel AR mobile game. In doing so, the brand not only celebrates the anniversary of the cult films, but in the process creates a connection between Vier Fäuste für ein Halleluja and the four cheeses of the handmade pizza.

For the viral distribution of the innovative mobile game on the back of the packaging, Gustavo Gusto chose to work with TwoReach. Through authentic streamers on Twitch, the awareness of the pizza and the new game will be increased in a short term and effective way.

Gustavo Gusto
Gustavo Gusto Bud Spencer Terence Hill
Sir Cojones Pizza

Concept of TwoReach with three authentic activation elements

In the first step, TwoReach took over the selection of suitable streamers for the campaign. Important factors to ensure an authentic communication were the personal relation to the product - pizza lovers - as well as the connection to Bud Spencer and Terence Hill. In total, 16 streamers were selected for the campaign and fully briefed in consultation with Gustavo Gusto.

Banner insertion in the live-stream

The 30 second banner is automatically placed in the live stream by all streamers every 30 to 60 minutes. Based on the technology of TwoReach, the banner are protected against detection and hiding by adblockers of the viewers.

Streamer as Influencers

How can you advertise a pizza in the most authentic way? Of course, by consuming it in the live-stream in front of all your viewers. All streamers present the products in the stream and give their personal taste judgment. As an active part of the eSports and gaming community, a presentation of the AR game on the back of the packaging is naturally the absolute highlight of this live presentation in the live-stream on Twitch.

Pizza Präsentation Live-Stream
Gustavo Pizza Karton Bud Spencer Terence Hill

Live-Chat | Call-to-Action

A message in the name of the streamer is posted in the interactive live chat in the same time with each banner insertion. Either during the banner insertion and in the further course, the different communities of the streamers react intensively to the campaign and the products of Gustavo Gusto.


agurin: Now you're in for a treat! The new four-cheese pizza from Gustavo Gusto with Bud Spencer and Terence Hill. Four cheeses as the main characters and augmented reality game on the box. It'll blow your mind!

Viewer: Delicious!

Viewer: Where can I get it?

Viewer: The pizzas of them are so nice. I switched from Doktor Oetker to Gustavo Pizza.

Viewer: OMG it looks so delicious! Now I just want a Pizza, too!

Viewer: Bud Spencer… Terence Hill… PogChamp… GOT IT!

Viewer: I just got magherita at home to put some fresh ingredients on top.

Viewer: Just eat it on-stream!

Viewer: Yummy! Want to have it, too.

Viewer: Boah, now I am hungry, too.


All campaign-relevant KPIs are available at any time in the integrated dashboard of the TwoReach platform. In addition to performance, streamer management is also included.

TwoReach Dashboard

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