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Only pay for actually reached viewers
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How it works

Define your target audience such as age, genre and country.

Upload your ad media, banner as an image or animated gif and add a budget.

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Analyze the success of your ads at any time in the reporting dashboard.

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Why TwoReach

We make scalable influencer marketing possible. Influencers are the key to successful communication with Gen Z, as classic advertising formats are rejected and blocked. Thus, we developed a platform for scalable and cost-efficient advertising with influencers.

Anzeige und Call to Action gleichzeitig in mehreren Live-Streams

Display advertising new invented

Display ads are integrated in live streams from influencers / streamers on Streaming Platforms in a way that they can't be blocked and don't annoy the viewers. Plus personal recommendation from the influencers. This is how we achieve high viewability and performance at low costs.

Overlay & Call to Action

There are no limits to creativity when it comes to design and customization of the advertising space. In addition to classic formats such as Superbanner or Rectangle, everything up to individual formats and animations is possible. The overlay is usually displayed for 30 seconds in intervals of 10 to 30 minutes.
In addition, a call to action is automatically posted to the chat every 30 minutes by the streamer.

Ad + CTA

Better Advertising with Scalable Influencer Marketing

The platform Twitch and the live element are so special because there exists a strong bond between streamers and their viewers who communicate in real time with the chat. This bond goes so far that viewers subscribe to their favorite streamers for € 5 to € 25 per month. They are also open to advertising if it supports their streamers. That makes streamers the key to successful communication.

We make this form of communication, influencer marketing on Twitch and YouTube, on a larger scale with our unique solution through real time analysis and success measurement possible. So we save you resources that would otherwise be required for dealing with individual influencers. The advertisement also bears the recommendation of the streamers, which has a positive effect on the buying behavior of the target group.

Together, a Win-Win-Win-Situation for brands, streamers and viewers is created. Streamers can show their communities relevant ads for what they get paid fairly. Brands reach their target group efficiently and viewers are not annoyed and perceive the ad positively.

Win-Win-Win-Situation Streamer, Brand & Viewer

Top Streamers

Let our network of professional and qualified streamers advertise for you and benefit from their positive influence on their communities.

8500000 +

Followers on Twitch.

18600000 +

Subscribers on YouTube.

449500000 +

Views on Twitch.

High Viewability, Branding & Performance

We bill per 30 seconds instead of per impression. So you can reach your target audience 30 times longer, at the same low prices. This significantly increases the awareness of your brand.

30s vs 1 impression

Real time Data Analysis and Success Measurement

We analyze the live streams of the streamers in real time for correct presentation of the advertising media and simultaneous viewers. With the collected data we ensure that you only pay for viewers that have actually been reached. Plus, we can optimize your budget by determining the ideal streamers.

Anzahl und Dauer Anzeige ausgestrahlt, durchschnittliche Zuschauer, Anzahl Streamer, Anzahl CTA gepostet, errechnete CPC, Streaming-Kategorien (Spiele)
Performance of each campaign
Performance of each streamer
Control who is allowed to advert for you and who is not
Statistics Dashboard

Brand Safety under development

Wir verhindern, dass Ihre Werbung im Umfeld von unerwünschtem User Generated Content erscheint. Die Live-Chats werden in Echtzeit hinsichtlich Inhalte, mit denen Ihre Brand nicht in Verbindung gebracht werden soll, untersucht und wir entfernen die Anzeige automatisch aus diesem Umfeld.

Brand Safety

Managed by yourself or by us

Our dashboard makes it easy for you to run and manage your campaigns yourself. You can also let us do it for you. From conception over optimization to reporting.

Ad serving and management

Streamer management

Analysis & Reporting

TwoReach Dashboard

Made for your success.

We fixed display advertising issues and made it even better.

Right Medium

The desired target group, Gen Z, can be found on Twitch. The community is also open to advertising if it benefits the streamers/influencers.

Unblockable, not annoying

Ads via TwoReach cannot be blocked and are less annoying. Better than ordinary formats like annoying mid- and pre-roll-ads.

Scalable Influencer Marketing

Influencers/streamers/content creators are the key to successful communication. We enable communication through them on a larger scale with our unique solution.

+ personal Recommendation

Since the advertisement is broadcast by influencers resp. streamers, it bears their recommendation, which has a positive effect on the buying behavior.

High Viewability

Ads are visible 30 times longer at low prices. Billing per 30 seconds instead of per impression. Branding & performance.

Brand Safety Coming soon

We protect you from content that your brand should not be associated with.


Simple and transparent Pricing

You only pay for actually reached viewers. Payment via PayPal, stripe (credit card) or bank deposit.

Basic from 1,000
70,000 + viewers, 30 seconds
Targeting (streaming categories and streamer-country)
All pre-selected streamers in the chosen target group can advert
Detailed reporting
Extended from 4,000
95,000 + viewers, 30 seconds
Targeting (streaming categories and streamer-country)
We present you suitable streamers in the selected target group
You choose your streamers
Detailed reporting
Premium from 7,000
100,000 + viewers, 30 seconds
Targeting (streaming categories and streamer-country)
Only our selected, qualified streamers advertise for you
Brand Safety
Detailed reporting
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